Elite Rejuvenating Face Oil


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‘Take care of your skin’.

Our elite rejuvenating facial oil  is a  blend of Hemp seed oil + Carrot + Strawberry and Roship Oil.  Our nourishing anti ageing formula treats dry skin and encourage cell renewal, protects the skin from sun damage  and helps boost collagen formation in the skin. Infused with Vitamins A + C + E  it helps reduce hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone. To treat and heal minor skin abrasions after shaving we have included Moringa oil  for it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s light Amber ” Sweet Musk” smell  is subtle and long lasting fragrance which lingers through the day.

How to use: Massage 2-3 drops into your palms and massage upwards and into Use morning, evening or as needed.

May contain traces Nuts.



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