How much does it cost to get eyelash extensions?

Many of our beauty salon clients ask us about how much does it cost to get eyelash extensions. Well, the short answer is: depends. Eyelash extensions can be a beautiful, albeit expensive, way to enhance your natural eyelashes without mascara or strip false lashes. Usually, the lash extension costs between £35 and £80 into our beauty studio.

Eyelash Extensions Prices in Birmingham

Service Price
Lash for any event £15.99
3D Mink lashes £18.99
Showstopper lashes £21.99
Double stacked lash £17.99
Classic Individual Lashes £45.00
Cashmere Light Volume Lashes £60.00
Bridal full set Inc bottom lashes £80.00

Book your eyelash extensions appointment in the heart of Birmingham, using Jtai Services. Lash extensions can be worth their cost, but they’re definitely not for everyone. It really comes down to your budget, your time, and compliance with the guidelines as these aren’t easy to maintain.

We have a wealth of experience having performed lots of eyelash extension treatments over the past years. As a specialist, I exclusively offer individual and volume eyelash extensions. Treatment prices are individually tailored for every client as we are all different. This will depend on the look you would like, and the complexity of the style.

If you decide to give this a try, you can contact Jtai Beauty and Book Your Lash Appointment, select the service you need, then complete the short booking form.