My Story So Far

My Story So Far –
Who Am I?

J. T. A. I are the initials of the strong women that play a big part in my life. Strong women who have faced many challenges in their own lifetime but who have rose up stronger. I will be talking about their real life stories in my blog. Real stories that will inspire and lift you, women helping women!

They have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone, to seek out opportunities and take risk, because it’s only when we do, do we grow! Hence the launch of JTAI, because I am much more than a natural skincare brand. JTAI gives me an opportunity to express myself and be an extension of who I truly am.

As a third generation millennial growing up in the UK I am a real mix of both East and West cultures and values. I am a proud British Asian who, although guided by strong role models, has had to find her own unique identity. It’s only now I feel I know who I truly am but it”s not been an easy journey.

Empowering Young People

I want young people to take time out to work out who they truly are, not get caught up in what society is pushing them to be, through social media hypes and the portrayal of celebrity lifestyles. To recognise what is real and what is not real around them. We are all unique, so why do we want to look like someone else? Learn to love just being you!

Some young people consider drastic surgical procedures to change what is a unique part of their face to simply be a poor reflection of someone else’s, but we can never be them.

I will be looking deep into issues of one’s identity in today’s society, the impact of social media and the affect it can have on one’s health and mental well being. Issues of confidence and lack of self esteem due to not having a particular body shape are growing and playing havoc on some young minds.

The challenges facing young people in today’s society are unprecedented. Past generations did not have the technology we have now at our fingertips. Social media is a massive part of a young person’s life, so too is its impact. We are becoming a slave to the internet without knowing it, the world is evolving at such a fast place, it’s becoming harder to keep up.

It’s time to sit back, breathe and reflect. Who is really in charge of our lives and how do we get some control back?

Come share my journey.

Follow my blog posts to get an insight into my world. If you are interested in our services, take a look to see how much it costs to put eyelash extensions.

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